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Customer Reviews

“I am always impressed with Midway Plumbings attention to detail and willingness to explain the problem and solution.”

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We have the answer! Expert articles on Abilene Plumbing problems for residential and commercial.

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We are currently hiring entry level Abilene plumbers apprentice helpers. No phone calls please. Apply Online Now!

What makes our Abilene Plumbers different?

With 30 years experience, our customers trust Midway. Our Abilene plumbers take the time to answer your questions completely while providing written estimates before any work is done. This ensures that you know the complete scope and cost of plumbing services up front, which eliminates any surprises.

Our team members are neat, clean, and dedicated to treating your home or workplace with care. We are fully licensed and insured with over 30 years experience handling plumbing problems big and small.

Midway’s satisfaction guarantee is your assurance that the job will be done right the first time and your satisfaction is guaranteed.

Call Midway (325) 698-4399 for all your plumbing needs today!

Our guarantee is simple, satisfaction guaranteed or it’s free!

Tips & FAQWater Heater Changes

In an effort to increase energy efficiency, new National Appliance Energy Conservation Act Regulations have changed how water heaters are being manufactured. These changes, effective April 16, 2015, should be noted before purchasing a new replacement in Abilene. Under the guidelines, existing ones do not need to be replaced, but any purchased after then must conform to the guidelines. The main differences the consumer will see with these new units are the size and the price. It is expected that the


Plumbing Experts: What is Trenchless Drain Line Replacement?

You don’t have to stand over your toilet just to “make sure” goes down the drain every time you flush. At Midway Plumbing we have the equipment and experience to guarantee you the piece of mind that comes with having a properly working drain and sewer system. From slow drains in the bathroom sink to complete sewer line replacement, we have the technology to solve all your drainage and waste issues, permanently. And by permanently, we mean forever, and we guarantee it.

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